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Operator holding clapperboard on movie set
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A Fun Way to Work: Scott Sears

For a trained actor like Scott Sears, memorizing nearly every line from every episode of Seinfeld isn’t a huge accomplishment, but it has brought many moments of joy into his life. As Action Property Management’s director in Inland Empire, Scott uses the same gift to bring happiness to the people…
May 3, 2022
Sam Johnson in Army attire
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A Passion for People: Sam Johnson

Talk to Sam Johnson, Action Property Management’s Community Care trainer, for a few minutes, and you will quickly see why he spends his days training new employees on how to provide stellar service. With a naturally charismatic personality and a heart for people, Sam feels right at home in his…
April 19, 2022
Trailblazing Coding
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Blazing His Own Trail: Greg Tantum

When passion aligns with opportunity, a career is born. For Greg Tantum, Action Property Management’s lead full stack developer, opportunity aligned with passion in an unusual way. As a child, Greg always had a natural curiosity about computers. One of his earliest tech memories involves the first computer his family…
Nick Jennes
March 31, 2022
San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
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Education Beyond a Classroom: Candace Caldana-Walk

School is important, but education is even more important. While these two facets of life are often so tightly intertwined that they can’t be separated, many people find their most important education occurs not in the classroom, but in the workplace. For Candace Caldana-Walk, Action Property Management’s director in San…
March 7, 2022
Bookshelf of Irish Legal Books
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Never Stop Learning: Matthew Davidson

You can’t get a degree in HOA management. So what other path could lead someone to this field? For Matt Davidson, executive vice president at Action Property Management, the answer came through a degree in history and English from the University of California Santa Barbara. A liberal arts background may…
February 4, 2022
San Diego Skyline
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Reaching for the Sky: Kim Nguyen

If you want to be the best, aim to work with the best. That’s what Kim Nguyen, Vice President - Urban, at Action Property Management did. As a Seattle native, she knew early on in her adult life that she wanted to see more than just the Pacific Northwest. While…
December 15, 2021
Resort from Bite
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World Class Service: Ashley Greenberg

In America, hospitality is a word. In South Africa, it’s a way of life. For Ashley Greenberg, Regional Hospitality Manager at Action Property Management, hospitality is a passion that he is proud to pursue. “I was born to serve,” he says with a distinctive South African accent. His passion was…
November 8, 2021
Male hand pushing buttons to play song on old Jukebox, selecting records
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Life lessons are often learned in the strangest places. Or maybe not. Maybe they’re learned in the most predictable places. For Sheridan Thompson, his life-lesson schooling often took place beside his dad as he watched his father working on an old Harley Davidson. “Don’t be afraid to break things,” his…
October 13, 2021