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In 1963, the residential high-rise market in Dallas was still in its infancy. A few tall buildings were dotting the skyline as people began to embrace the urban lifestyle in the heart of Texas. It was during this era that the Turtle Creek area began to come alive. As it was first conceived, Twenty-One Turtle Creek was planned to be a complex of three towers, but only one of them was ever built. Originally constructed as apartments, the building was converted to condos in 1979.

With just over half a century of life behind it, the building had stood strong, but its age started to show, and the time for considerable repairs had come. To usher in a new era for the building, David Curry was named president of the HOA in 2022.

The leadership structure of this building was somewhat unique in the industry as the board is comprised of six people. Given the even number, decisions required at least four votes to pass, thus forcing the members to be more unified in their approach. Under this structure, at the end of 2023, the board of directors made the difficult decision to seek out a new management company with the desire of finding a firm that could lead the HOA into a new era as they sought to preserve the building and grounds.

After researching several options, they began to zero in on Action Property Management. Though Action was a new player in Dallas, the company brought forty years of experience to the table with considerable expertise in high-rise management.

Given his background in the airline industry, David was acutely aware of the need for precision and was meticulous in his research. After interviewing the presidents of five different Action-managed high-rise HOAs, he and the board treasurer were convinced. Each of those five people agreed that Action was the team they needed. What impressed the board most was the consensus that Action ran its buildings in a professional manner, always supplying their board members with timely information so they could make informed strategic decisions. Interview after interview, David heard the same sentiment, “We love Action, and they take care of us.”

High rise building with blue sky background

Twenty-One Turtle Creek

Dallas, Texas

Interview after interview, David heard the same sentiment, “We love Action, and they take care of us.”

Now several months into a relationship with Action, the residents of Twenty-One Turtle Creek stand in solidarity with the people their leaders interviewed. After assuming the contract, Christine Alfieri, Action’s Vice President in charge of the Dallas market, immediately renegotiated four contracts with outside service providers, resulting in significant savings to the HOA of over $50,0000. Additionally, her team successfully completed a balcony repair project and revitalized common areas with new paint.

With these repairs complete and pool renovations underway, the upcoming underground parking garage updates are nearly ready to commence. This massive undertaking is a critical step in preserving the integrity of the building, and its cost will be significant. Under Alfieri’s leadership, the team will secure financing to help ease the burden on residents who are not able to provide cash for the special assessment.

With an on-site leadership team in place, every aspect of managing the building is finally beginning to consolidate under the same umbrella. The building’s general manager, Niki Frazier, has a strong team of seven other Action employees who handle operations and maintenance of the property. She also oversees contracts with outside vendors who provide valet services and other amenities for the building.

The real estate at Twenty-One Turtle Creek is much more than just a building. A touch of luxury can be found in its lush gardens and manicured lawns as they provide a breath of fresh air amidst the city. Owners and board members live out their desire to offer beauty to the neighborhood as they add value to their homes and to the community as a whole.

When asked what her ultimate desire is for Twenty-One Turtle Creek, Christine Alfieri sums it up in one simple phrase, “We want the residents to love where they live.”

And that is exactly what people have been doing in Action’s countless communities for the last 40 years.