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An Adventure in Accounting: Carlos Melgar

There are a lot of jobs that are full of adventure and reward. First responders rightfully deserve credit for the challenges they face everyday. Contractors and other construction professionals overcome obstacles everyday while pilots land in far off lands. For Carlos Melgar, Action Property Management’s controller - client accounting, adventure…
November 14, 2022
US Navy sailors from the back.
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Training for the Job: Tony Gutierrez

Most people never consider what to do when a hydraulic hose for the trash compactor in the basement of a high-rise building ruptures. They never think about rooftop cooling towers that supply an entire building or internet lines for twenty-two stories of homes, but these are the behind-the-scenes issues that…
November 9, 2022
USS America aircraft carrier
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A Strong Name: Flint Faulkner

“My name is Flint,” is more than a greeting. It’s an invitation. Flint Faulkner, Action Property Management’s general manager at 8899 Beverly in West Hollywood, has more than just a unique name, he has a unique gift. With a friendly smile, warm greeting, and a ready answer for those who…
November 7, 2022
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The Uncommon Area

When common things appear uncommon, frustration is often the result. Action Property Management’s new online feature, The Uncommon Area, was launched in June of 2022 with the purpose of creating a place where the uncommon aspects of HOA living become common. With a growing library of content focused on the…
October 31, 2022
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Adventure Driven By Innovation: Damon Partridge

An active lifestyle has always been important to Damon Partridge, Action Property Management’s director of hospitality services. From his start in the industry as a lifeguard at the Disneyland Hotel to his tenure with Harrah’s Lake Tahoe Hotel & Casino and now at his position with Action, Damon has enjoyed…
October 21, 2022
The Harrison building exterior
Success Story

A Passion for Value: The Harrison

The Harrison building in San Francisco’s Mission District is a luxury condominium high-rise. With million dollar views throughout the building, it captures the heartbeat of the city in every direction. When an important piece of equipment at the building failed, Action’s Property Management’s general manager, Felipe Santos, took it upon…
October 17, 2022
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Those Who Can…Teach: Kevan White

The heart of the Las Vegas hospitality industry is only a short drive from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, so it’s no surprise that many of the school’s graduates end up working at the local hotels. For Kevan White, Action Property Management’s regional hospitality manager in Los Angeles, hospitality…
October 3, 2022
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The Quest for Answers: Josh Chance

Experience is a characteristic that can only come with time. For some tasks, it can be gained in just a few short hours. Other jobs take much longer. For positions that require a deep understanding of people, the countless variables can take years to master. As an employer that specializes…
September 19, 2022
Pacific Gate
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Artistry of Service: Pacific Gate

Any building can include amenities, but true service is a work of art that few have mastered. Over the thirty-eight years of its existence, the artistry of service has become one of the hallmarks of Action Property Management. When an amenity-rich, skyline-defining high-rise is built, prospective owners often take note…
August 31, 2022