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Not everyone is born for city life, but those who are can’t imagine anything better. While high-rise buildings, trendy bars, and an endless supply of people can drain some, others find energy in the activity.

James Gordon counts himself among the energized. What some see as stress, James sees as opportunity. When some see problems, James sees solutions. Thriving on the energy of the city, James embraces life in San Francisco, finding adventure in the challenges and rest in the chaos.

A short three-mile walk each morning delivers him, sharply dressed in a tailored suit and contrasting tie, to the general manager’s office at One Steuart Lane. The ultra-luxury waterfront building stretches twenty stories above him, securing for itself a prominent place in the metropolitan skyline.

While James has only been with Action Property Management for just under a year, he comes with a wealth of experience managing luxury properties. With a fulfilling ten-year career managing branded luxury residences at his previous employer, it would take a unique opportunity to lure him away. One Steuart Lane proved to be such an opportunity.

Already familiar with the high-rise scene in the Bay Area, James knew that Action was the place to be. With a solid reputation as not only a premier property management firm but also as an employer who values its people, he was eager to join the team.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, James attended the University of Oklahoma as an undergraduate where he earned a degree in business and management. Working in the hospitality industry over the summers ignited a passion that resulted in his pursuit of a master’s degree in hospitality from Oklahoma State University. Following graduation, he was recruited by Starwood Hotels in Atlanta where he worked for the next six years.

James Gordon

James Gordon

General Manager

He’s an Ultra-Luxury Lifestyle Service Provider who comes to work each day with the single-minded focus of providing the highest levels of service he can possibly deliver.

From there, he was able to transfer into the branded residence division and launch a career in residential management. His first stop was as Director of Residences for The St. Regis Atlanta. Over the course of that four-year assignment, James navigated his way through the nuances of the job and quickly discovered a passion for service to long-term audiences. This was followed by a similar role in Dallas at W Dallas Victory, and then a trip way out west to San Francisco to take on the position of Director of Residences at The St. Regis San Francisco, the brand’s original residential address. Over the course of those ten years, James mastered the art of delivering the kind of service that the ultra-luxury audience requires.

While his business card now describes him as general manager of One Steuart Lane, James sees his job as much more than that. In his mind, he’s an Ultra-Luxury Lifestyle Service Provider who comes to work each day with the single-minded focus of providing the highest levels of service he can possibly deliver. With a proven track record in the industry, his work ethic has already gained him the respect of the Action leadership team, enabling him to thrive in an environment where his talent and experience are not only trusted but valued.

While the newly constructed building along San Francisco’s waterfront was occupied upon his arrival, it was not yet complete. Over the course of the last year, James has used his expertise to tie up countless loose ends as he endeavors to maintain the world-class status of the building and bring the entire project to completion.

Each morning James is propelled forward by a simple mantra, “I love living.” He embraces all that the city has to offer — from music to restaurants, to the occasional open space. While the sights and sounds of activity are exhilarating to him, his naturally introverted personality also demands solitude and deep reflection. Often that rest is found in physical activity as he rides his bike down the city streets, lost in his own thoughts with the rest of the world held at bay.

When extended periods of tranquility are required, a quick trip to Napa can suffice, but true vacations always involve high-rise buildings and well-defined skylines, where he can absorb what he loves the most — the thrill of big city life.