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Experience is a characteristic that can only come with time. For some tasks, it can be gained in just a few short hours. Other jobs take much longer. For positions that require a deep understanding of people, the countless variables can take years to master.

As an employer that specializes in recruiting top talent, Action Property Management has been fortunate to benefit from the vast experience of its employees. When he came to Action three years ago, Community Care Manager Josh Chance already had years of experience managing people and developing contact center protocols.

Early on in his previous job at a customer contact center, Josh’s superiors recognized that he had the ability to understand customer needs and respond to them. He even caught the eye of the president of the multi-national corporation who took Josh under his wing and personally mentored him.

When it came time for the company to develop new technology, Josh was tapped as as a subject matter expert. With a lifelong interest in computers, he was instrumental in providing guidance for the team as they designed a system that would meet the needs and wants of employees and customers while balancing the complexities of international governmental regulations.

His people skills were then thrust back into the limelight when he was moved out of a contact center role and into a training role. In this new position, he was tasked with training employees around the English-speaking world on how to implement the company’s new technology.

As rewarding as that position was, Josh’s career path eventually took a turn. When a new opportunity in manufacturing came his way, he was ready to take on the challenge. Making the move from a large corporation to a smaller company presented him with a whole new range of responsibilities. In this position, he found himself wearing several hats ranging from operations manager to human resources manager and even IT manager.

Josh Chance

“I enjoy questioning everything.” Along with questions come answers. An insatiable quest for answers is what frames each of his past experiences.

All of this experience prepared him to eventually make the move back into a customer care position. When his resume came into the Action office, hiring him was an easy decision.

At the onset of his Action career, Josh saw an opportunity to develop systems that would streamline the efficiency of the entire Community Care department. Using his background in training, technology, and management he initialed a one call resolution protocol that led to a twenty-five percent reduction in phone, internet, and email contacts to his team. With 55,000 homes in Action’s portfolio, this is a monumental improvement!

As a former professional DJ, Josh has had his music featured in foreign commercials and movies. It was this passion that led him from North Carolina to Southern California in 2003. That same year he was also introduced to the world of professional hockey and the Anaheim Ducks. Today he remains an avid Ducks fan. As a season ticket holder and collector of Ducks paraphernalia, his connection to the team is hard to hide.

Although he no longer works in the music industry, Josh maintains a strong connection to his past by attending several music festivals each year. This year alone, he has plans to attend as many as fifteen different music events.

Believe there is a better way. Whether it relates to hockey, music, or customer care, Josh Chance clings to this Action value. When asked why, he replied, “I enjoy questioning everything.” Along with questions come answers. An insatiable quest for answers is what frames each of his past experiences. And experience is what makes Josh the success he is today.