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Action Property Management has developed a reputation as a leader within the property management industry, largely due to its unwavering commitment to recruiting and retaining top talent at every level. The secret for Action in recent years has been measuring every hiring decision against a set of essential values.

Eve Lopez, director in Los Angeles, has formed her leadership style around those values. Whether she’s working as a key part of a team or caring about people, Eve focuses on representing Action values inside and outside the office, and as a result, has come to be seen as one of Action’s top values ambassadors.

Her dedication to these values was solidified as she completed Leadwell, Action’s six-month leadership development program. One of the primary focuses of this program is for team members to develop a strong understanding of the ideals that propel the company forward each day.

Two of Action’s values, We Care About People and We Are a Team, are frequently cited by employees as the most significant on the list and Eve’s perspective is no different. “I love the people I work with and the leadership team at Action. Many companies say they are a ‘people first’ company, but you are just a number. Action is a big company and yet it still feels like it’s a small family at times,” she said.

Her professional history lends a lot of credibility to this claim. Eve started in the property management industry over 20 years ago but suffered from burnout at about the halfway point and decided to step away from it for a short time. Over the early years of her career, she managed to move up in the industry, but she couldn’t shake the thought that she could do so much more if only the right team was behind her.

It was during this hiatus that one of Action’s recruiters contacted her. Eve was somewhat intrigued at first, but she was not sold on the idea of returning to the community management industry until Mark Holbrook reached out and convinced her that the team at Action was exactly what she was looking for. Eve accepted a position as a portfolio manager and relaunched her career.

Eve Lopez


Whether she’s working as a key part of a team or caring about people, Eve focuses on representing Action values inside and outside the office.

That was over seven years ago. Since then she has progressed from onsite general manager, to regional manager, all the way to her current position as director. Today she and her team oversee the Los Angeles portfolio division as well as six individual high-rise buildings.

Besides advocating for Action values, Eve has found work-life balance as she pursues her passion for the outdoors. With workdays consumed by the office, getting back to nature provides Eve with the recuperation she needs. She’s not particular either, feeling just as at home at the beach, in the mountains, or hiking in the desert. A recent excursion even took her river rafting and fly fishing in Utah.

“It’s fun to get dirty,” Eve claimed, discussing her interest in all things outdoors. Her naturally reserved personality is often stretched by her job, but spending time in nature counteracts the demands of the job and allows her to be herself.

Along with her husband, Eve enjoys fine-tuning her archery skills. At one time the couple even competed in tournaments. Today they are content with occasional weekend practice that involves traversing trails and target practice.

Eve’s keen eye for targets has served her well both indoors and outdoors. As an archer, she can zero in on a mark and aim her arrow exactly where it needs to land. As an ambassador of the Action values, her aim is broader, but just as effective as she sets her sights on spreading those ideals to everyone she meets.