Urban Management

From high rises to mid-rises and podium-based communities, urban living is simply different than other forms of homeowner associations. And Action gets those differences. As a result, we are uniquely structured to effectively meet the needs of these communities.

Market DominanceMarket Dominance
Action Property Management is the undisputed leader in condominium high-rise management on the west coast with a market-share well over 50%. Our annual renewal rate is better than 99%. This results in unprecedented access to best practices and leveraged services on a local level.
Structured FlexibilityStructured Flexibility
Action’s philosophy for high-rise management rests on two core principles related to our structure: 1) Create and provide resources that are specific to urban communities and 2) Embrace the unique culture of each urban community, embedding flexibility that allows us to customize services to each community.
Five-Star Hospitality ServicesFive-Star Hospitality Services
Recognizing the unique demands of urban living, Action has built a support team with backgrounds in hotel services that provide resources and training to our urban teams. Our hospitality services bring practices and training from five-star hotels, while valuing the different “vibe” and culture of each building.
Manager SupportManager Support
Action managers will not be left alone on an “island”. Urban management can result in managers being left alone to figure everything out themselves. But our structure allows supervisors to have the bandwidth to support their managers. In addition, we invest heavily in providing the most robust resources possible to our managers.
Better ForeverBetter Forever
Action’s “Better Forever” program unleashes cost saving measures specifically designed for urban communities. “Better Forever” implements efficiencies that result in permanent cost reductions. Energy, office supplies, refuse services, drinking water, gas, janitorial programs, and insurance policies are some of the areas where “Better Forever” has produced dramatic savings.