Our goals with technology boil down to four primary objectives: 1) Develop efficiencies; 2) Create transparency; 3) Enable flexibility; 4) Establish accountability

For Action ManagersFor Action Managers
Action’s in-house programming team is committed to finding solutions that make managers more effective and efficient. Online Action Lists, Inspection Applications, Management Applications, and much more are all designed specifically to make managers better at what they do.
For Action Board MembersFor Action Board Members
The Action Board Portal is built with transparency and accountability in mind. We want to provide Board members with the ability to look and see what is happening in the management community in as many ways as possible. Reports that are sortable and searchable are the foundation of this portal, along with an Action List that provides visibility to the status of all projects.
For Action ResidentsFor Action Residents
Flexible application and ease of use are the trademarks of Action’s Resident Portals. We want to make it easy to pay assessments online, track maintenance requests, update non-compliance reports, check balances, and update contact information. We also want residents to be able to reserve amenities online and track package deliveries. Technology is best when it works. Action’s technology works.
Resident Portal