New Development

Lifestyle Experience ManagementLifestyle Experience Management
Action’s resources in hospitality services, event programming, and technology are all geared toward capturing a specific vision for a particular experience unique to each community. By utilizing these resources, we provide developers with a depth of perspective, experience and expertise that makes a real difference in the lifestyle experience in a new community.
Document Review ServicesDocument Review Services
The marriage of legal documents with an inviting and positive experience in the community can be a difficult arrangement. But this is where Action helps new developments. Our team of experienced professionals not only provide review and consultation on an association’s governing documents, but we are intentional about making those documents user friendly for the residents.
Advance PlanningAdvance Planning
Action’s advance planning team provides insight and perspective from a management and operations point-of-view that helps developers make decisions for the community that will save operating costs, make resident experiences more efficient, and improve the quality of the living experience in the community.
BRE BudgetsBRE Budgets
Whether providing consultation on budget drafts developed by other consultants or developing and managing the budget process from start to finish, our team of BRE Budget experts provide a value that goes well beyond the BRE formulas and processes for budgeting. We introduce real life data and experience in to the process to help each development arrive at a budget that is reasonable, practical and able to deliver on the vision for the community.
Owner ConcernsOwner Concerns
The biggest threat to any new development is the potential of eventual defect claims and litigation. Through a unique approach of segregating developer relationship and homeowner relationship responsibilities within the company, we have been able to more effectively facilitate communication when any perceived problems arrive and find resolutions that benefit everyone without litigation.
Board EducationBoard Education
The key to a new community is an effective Board of Directors. Action’s Board Leadership program provides a resource to assist new Board members in understanding their roles and responsibilities as Board members, as well as equipping them with the knowledge of how to be most effective as Board members.