The key to successful community management rests in the ability of a management team to establish continuity with talented, high-caliber individuals who are supported by resources that allow them to flourish and deliver services that make a difference in the life of a community. That’s the goal at Action Property Management.

Manager Retention

The nature of the business results in high levels of manager turnover.  However, continuity of management is one of the most important factors in successful service in the long run.  That’s why it’s important to note that Action’s manager retention rate is more than twice as good as the industry average.  It’s not an accident.  We cultivate an environment that retains our talent.

Online Action List

Transparency.  Accountability.  Flexibility.  These are the ingredients of an effective partnership between management and a Board of Directors and are the core of the online Action List.  Real time updates on projects are available online to Board members.  Interactive priority assignments and timelines for tasks are included, along with integrated annual calendars that automatically populate at the right times each year.

Community Care

Our team of dedicated professionals answer every phone call.  You can always reach a live person.  Over 70% of all phone calls from residents are resolved by the person answering the phone.  This eliminates phone transfers, leaving voice mails, etc. and results in a much more efficient resolution for these residents – and more efficient use of time for the manager.

Inspection App

Action’s services are characterized by a relentless pursuit of the best resources and the agility to make them a reality.  We recognized early on that mobile devices were essential to more effective and efficient property inspections.  However, the best products on the market were all glitz and little substance. So, based on real input from managers in the field, our in-house programming team developed the best mobile application for property inspections in the industry.