Life happens at home.  And in a homeowners association, your community is the backdrop for life to happen.  Every day, as life happens, there is excitement and there is disappointment.  There is love and there is heartache.  That’s life.  Our job is to manage your community in such a way as to make room for life to happen.  We want to remove frustrations, amplify opportunities, and cultivate relationships between neighbors.  We deliver an environment where the best of life can be celebrated without interference.  And we want to allow the space you need to live through life’s difficulties.  Our services aim to make room for life to happen in the best possible ways.

Urban Management

From high rises to mid-rises and podium-based communities, urban living is simply different than other forms of HOAs. And Action gets those differences. As a result, we are uniquely structured to effectively meet the needs of these communities.

Market Dominance
Action Property Management is the undisputed leader in condominium high-rise management on the west coast with a market-share well over 50%. Our annual renewal rate is better than 99%. This results in unprecedented access to best practices and leveraged services on a local level.
Structured Flexibility
Action’s philosophy for high-rise management rests on two core principles related to our structure: 1) Create and provide resources that are specific to urban communities and 2) Embrace the unique culture of each urban community, embedding flexibility that allows us to customize services to each community.
Five-Star Hospitality Services
Recognizing the unique demands of urban living, Action has built a support team with backgrounds in hotel services that provide resources and training to our urban teams. Our hospitality services bring practices and training from five-star hotels, while valuing the different “vibe” and culture of each building.
Manager Support
Action managers will not be left alone on an “island”. Urban management can result in managers being left alone to figure everything out themselves. But our structure allows supervisors to have the bandwidth to support their managers. In addition, we invest heavily in providing the most robust resources possible to our managers.
Better Forever
Action’s “Better Forever” program unleashes cost saving measures specifically designed for urban communities. “Better Forever” implements efficiencies that result in permanent cost reductions. Energy, office supplies, refuse services, drinking water, gas, janitorial programs, and insurance policies are some of the areas where “Better Forever” has produced dramatic savings.

Community Management

The key to successful community management rests in the ability of a management team to establish continuity with talented, high-caliber individuals who are supported by resources that allow them to flourish and deliver services that make a difference in the life of a community. That’s the goal at Action Property Management.

Manager Retention

The nature of the business results in high levels of manager turnover.  However, continuity of management is one of the most important factors in successful service in the long run.  That’s why it’s important to note that Action’s manager retention rate is more than twice as good as the industry average.  It’s not an accident.  We cultivate an environment that retains our talent.

Online Action List

Transparency.  Accountability.  Flexibility.  These are the ingredients of an effective partnership between management and a Board of Directors and are the core of the online Action List.  Real time updates on projects are available online to Board members.  Interactive priority assignments and timelines for tasks are included, along with integrated annual calendars that automatically populate at the right times each year.

Community Care

Our team of dedicated professionals answer every phone call.  You can always reach a live person.  Over 70% of all phone calls from residents are resolved by the person answering the phone.  This eliminates phone transfers, leaving voice mails, etc. and results in a much more efficient resolution for these residents – and more efficient use of time for the manager.

Inspection App

Action’s services are characterized by a relentless pursuit of the best resources and the agility to make them a reality.  We recognized early on that mobile devices were essential to more effective and efficient property inspections.  However, the best products on the market were all glitz and little substance. So, based on real input from managers in the field, our in-house programming team developed the best mobile application for property inspections in the industry.

Large Scale

Effective large scale management results from top talent supported by customizable resources and solutions. Action Property Management uniquely combines talent and resources to produce a better result.

Attracting Talent

Large scale management starts with talented general managers.  Ultimately, our service comes down to the ability of the people on our team to execute and achieve results for you.  That’s why our emphasis is on creating a culture and reputation that attracts the best talent in the industry.  Action is successful because we effectively attract and keep the best talent in the industry.


The key to large scale community success is to find the best approaches and solutions that specifically fit each community.  A “management-in-a-box” approach short-changes a community.  While Action leverages best practices better than anyone, we also embrace the challenge of finding innovative approaches for each community.

Event Planning

The heartbeat of many large-scale communities is in its events.  That’s why Action invests in resources that help cater the very best in event planning that is most fitting to every community.   Action partners with a professional event planner who provides a full array of event planning services.


Ultimately, large-scale living is about the lifestyle in the community.  Each community has its own culture, rhythm and feel.  Events, staff interactions and service should all be in alignment with the personality of the community. Action embraces the unique dynamics of each community and caters to them with customized programs and systems.

Better Forever

Action’s Large Scale “Better Forever” program unleashes cost saving measures specifically designed for larger communities.  “Better Forever” implements efficiencies that result in permanent cost reductions.  Energy, office supplies, refuse services, drinking water, gas, janitorial programs, and insurance policies are some of the areas where “Better Forever has produced dramatic savings.


Lifestyle Experience Management
Action’s resources in hospitality services, event programming, and technology are all geared toward capturing a specific vision for a particular experience unique to each community. By utilizing these resources, we provide developers with a depth of perspective, experience and expertise that makes a real difference in the lifestyle experience in a new community.
Document Review Services
The marriage of legal documents with an inviting and positive experience in the community can be a difficult arrangement. But this is where Action helps new developments. Our team of experienced professionals not only provide review and consultation on an association’s governing documents, but we are intentional about making those documents user friendly for the residents.
Advance Planning
Action’s advance planning team provides insight and perspective from a management and operations point-of-view that helps developers make decisions for the community that will save operating costs, make resident experiences more efficient, and improve the quality of the living experience in the community.
BRE Budgets
Whether providing consultation on budget drafts developed by other consultants or developing and managing the budget process from start to finish, our team of BRE Budget experts provide a value that goes well beyond the BRE formulas and processes for budgeting. We introduce real life data and experience in to the process to help each development arrive at a budget that is reasonable, practical and able to deliver on the vision for the community.
Owner Concerns
The biggest threat to any new development is the potential of eventual defect claims and litigation. Through a unique approach of segregating developer relationship and homeowner relationship responsibilities within the company, we have been able to more effectively facilitate communication when any perceived problems arrive and find resolutions that benefit everyone without litigation.
Board Education
The key to a new community is an effective Board of Directors. Action’s Board Leadership program provides a resource to assist new Board members in understanding their roles and responsibilities as Board members, as well as equipping them with the knowledge of how to be most effective as Board members.


Our goals with technology boil down to four primary objectives: 1) Develop efficiencies; 2) Create transparency; 3) Enable flexibility; 4) Establish accountability

For Action Managers
Action’s in-house programming team is committed to finding solutions that make managers more effective and efficient. Online Action Lists, Inspection Applications, Management Applications, and much more are all designed specifically to make managers better at what they do.
For Action Board Members
The Action Board Portal is built with transparency and accountability in mind. We want to provide Board members with the ability to look and see what is happening in the management community in as many ways as possible. Reports that are sortable and searchable are the foundation of this portal, along with an Action List that provides visibility to the status of all projects.
For Action Residents
Flexible application and ease of use are the trademarks of Action’s Resident Portals. We want to make it easy to pay assessments online, track maintenance requests, update non-compliance reports, check balances, and update contact information. We also want residents to be able to reserve amenities online and track package deliveries. Technology is best when it works. Action’s technology works.

Escrow Services

Whether buying or selling a home in a homeowners association or trying to re-finance an existing mortgage, you are looking for the process to just be a little easier. Mountains of documents and unending requirements for signatures can be daunting. But when it comes to getting what you need from your association, Action is committed to making that part of the process a little easier.

Making it Easier

Get the documents you need quickly and easily through Action Property Management.  Action team members are ready to assist you and make the process smooth and painless.   Click below for a listing of the services provided and some standard forms that may be helpful for you.  You can contact an Action team member at 800-400-2284 and we would be happy to assist you in getting the documents and forms that you need.

Make room for life's moments.

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