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Community Property Managment

HOA Property Management for single family home, PUD, condo, and townhome communities.

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Community Care
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We focus on making personalized, friendly service, and we know how valuable a relationship can be. That’s not just different, it’s better.

Accounting & HOA Finances

State of the art Technology

Dedicated Support Team

Board Involvement

Resident Services

Escrow Services

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Board Involvement

Board Education

Board members are volunteers. We want to help protect their time. Our education resources will help them succeed. We provide both introductory training for novices as well as advanced, customized programs for long-standing members.

Board Portal

Board members will have access to everything they need to successfully oversee your association. We value transparency and accountability—the keys to effective communication.
You can:

  • Manage online action lists with real time updates and expectations
  • See organized, comprehensive financial information
  • Participate in accounts payable processes online
  • Monitor non-compliances
  • Check on maintenance requests
  • Collaborate with other board members

Treasurer Education

At some point, everyone needs help understanding financials. We make easy-to-grasp, in-depth training available to any board member who wants to learn what their financial reports and trends mean.


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    Designated Staff Support Team

    Executive Level Support

    Action’s experienced executive leadership team stands confidently behind each of our managers by giving them regular support and oversight, attending meetings, and introducing best practices. Together we ensure that your community is always managed with the professionalism that you expect. 


    We’re more than just people. We are values. Our team has mastered the art of finding people who not only agree with our values, but who live them out everyday.  Each time a new manager comes to us, we already have a shared value system in place. With that kind of connection, our team members don’t see Action as a stepping stone on a career path. It’s a destination. 

    And because we attract top talent, we trust our managers to be innovative thinkers who are equipped to solve problems. Our formula is simple. By using an in-house leadership development program we start with shared values, add in cutting-edge leadership practices, and end with a skilled leader of integrity. That’s what sets us apart.

    Support Team

    Action’s managers are supported by the following best-in-class teams that greatly contribute to their success and ensure all residents and board members are cared for:

    • Manager Assistants
    • Clerical Teams
    • Community Care
    • Accounting
    • Efficiency Teams
    • Hospitality Support and Training
    • Human Resources
    • Technology

    Management App

    Information is power. With the management app included in Action’s proprietary software, SnapHOA, our staff and property managers know what’s going right in your community and what isn’t. We believe our managers should be on the ground seeing your community first hand. That’s why the powerful visual interface allows them to take action from anywhere and then track issues to make sure they are corrected. 

    Board members can also see what we are doing. The calendar and action lists let us share our plans with you so you can have confidence in knowing that we value your community as much as you do. 

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    Online Action List

    How do you know that tasks and requests won’t fall through the cracks? Our proprietary online action list ensures nothing is missed.
    The Action List:

    1. Tracks all tasks for managers and creates visibility for the board.
    2. Provides regular updates in real time so expectations are clear.
    3. Automatically sends tasks each month from the annual calendar.
    4. Prioritizes tasks for better organization.
    5. Creates accountability for the manager to both the board and the manager’s executive leadership team.
    6. Provides a roadmap to keep continuity when the manager is on vacation or sick.

    Professional Resident Services

    Event Planning

    Enjoy where you live and let us do the work. Our team will plan community events so you can focus on enjoying time with your neighbors instead of worrying about details.

    Resident Portal

    Action’s online resident portal puts your HOA in the palm of your hand. Whether community members need to track maintenance requests, make a payment, reserve the clubhouse, or find association documents, it’s all there.

    24/7 Community Care

    Our Community Care department supports our managers and assists our residents and board members. There are fewer transferred calls and messages because 75% of all questions are addressed by the person answering the phone.

    Resident Communication

    Whether it be through newsletters, e-blasts, posted notices, mass mailers, group text messages, automated phone calls, or any other means of communication, we have the means and experience to do it all. We want to match the best form of communication to each situation and each community in order to facilitate the best results. Information, education, and transparency are the driving values to pursue better and better communication. 


    We Know HOA Finances

    Let our financial experts make a difference. We understand cash management and budgeting and know which investments in your building will provide the best return. We can even help with taxes, audits, collections, and application of civil codes.

    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Budgets
    • Investments
    • Monthly Financial Reporting
    • Online Bill Pay for Owners


    Apps for everyone

    We support residents and board members through our industry leading software, SnapHOA, which includes:

    • Management App
    • Inspection App
    • Board Portal
    • Resident Portal

    Community Website Development and Maintenance

    You live in a great community and one of the best ways to market it to potential buyers is through an association website. Our experienced team can design and host the perfect site to represent your association to the world. 

    Your residents will appreciate it too. As a source for the latest HOA information, our team will ensure that the information on your website is current and useful for everyone in the community.


    Docusign makes everyone’s lives easier. We can get necessary signatures and paperwork quickly, and legally, squared away.

    Escrow Services

    Get the Documents You Need

    Whether buying or selling a home in a homeowners association, or trying to refinance an existing mortgage, the process should be simple. Mountains of documents and unending requirements for signatures can be daunting. But when it comes to getting what you need from your association, Action is committed to making that part of the process a little easier.


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    You can also chat with us or call (949) 450-0202