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Being a boss is easy. Being a leader takes it to the next level, but being an inspiration is a gift. Alex Esteves, one of Action Property Management’s regional mangers in Orange County has masterfully woven together a natural ability to lead with a unique understanding of people. The result is nothing less than inspiring.

In 2010 as a recent college graduate in the midst of of an economic downturn, Alex found herself in need of a job. Unfortunately, the market for social workers was anything but robust at that time. Eager to work, Alex broadcast her resume far and wide with a willingness to to take on a variety of service-oriented jobs. Her qualifications caught the eye of a property management firm based in the Inland Empire and she was hired to answer their phones.

Her passion and natural ease with people made her an easy fit for the job, but she knew she could do more. After just a few months, Alex approached the executive team and asked if she could transition to community manager. They saw her potential and decided to take a chance on her that paid off. Welcoming the opportunity, Alex immediately started learning all she could about her new profession.

An enjoyment of the job helped propel her forward, but still, she chose to take a step back when her son was born eight years ago. During that intermission in her career, Alex worked part time from home, managing just one HOA.

It was during this time that a recruiter from Action found her. While she was ready to get back to work full time, Alex hadn’t yet applied for any jobs, so the phone call caught her off guard. With limited knowledge about Action, she humored the recruiter and listened, mostly just to be polite. Somehow, however, her curiosity was piqued and a quick review of the company website further intrigued her, so she called the recruiter back and accepted an appointment for an interview.

Alex Esteves

Alex Esteves, CMCA, AMS

Regional Manager

For Alex, promoting this spirit of respect and cooperation has become a personal mission that she constantly instills in her team.

With a commitment to attracting and retaining top talent, the team at Action was quick to recognize that Alex was a perfect match for the culture and values of the company. As she walked back to her car following that meeting, Alex received a phone call from the same recruiter with an offer for a job.

What started as a seemingly random phone call in February of 2019 quickly turned into an opportunity that changed her life. In August of that same year, she was called into another meeting with an Action executive. Unsure of what to expect, she showed up on time and was again offered a position she wasn’t looking for. This time, the promotion was to one of the four Orange County regional manager positions.

Now firmly established in her role, Alex makes it a point to master the art of celebration as she inspires others to be the best they can be. She has the ability to taper a tenacious drive in a way that makes others want to join her. When Action joined CAI, a new industry association, Alex made it her mission to make sure each of her team members achieves the higher certifications that were now available to them.

An approachable persona has allowed her to use the people skills she studied in college in a professional workplace. One of the greatest joys of the job is when she has the opportunity to be a listening ear for colleagues who are struggling either professionally or personally.

The team of regional managers in Orange County operates based on a system of mutual respect and cooperation. Known for her listening ear and wise counsel, managers from other teams will send their staff to Alex for guidance. Likewise, she will send her team to other regional managers when the need arrises.

In an industry commonly marked by tension between managers and support staff, Action has become a unique exception. Unlike many other property management companies, Action’s managers, community care team, and other support staff are able to enjoy working together as they provide excellent service. For Alex, promoting this spirit of respect and cooperation has become a personal mission that she constantly instills in her team.

Those who work closely with Alex not only appreciate her valuable advice, but they respect her open and honest communication. Those communication skills were even highlighted in the first episode of Action’s podcast, The Uncommon Area.

Action Property Management makes it a point to attract and retain top talent for each position they fill. Managers like Alex Esteves prove each day that this approach makes for a better workplace and a stronger company, which in turn improves the quality of life for the people who live in each of Action’s communities.