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A practical way to prioritize what really matters in your homeowner association. Check out more helpful insight on The Uncommon Area!

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If everything is a priority, then nothing is. Yet many associations and many managers operate as if everything is a priority. The reality is that neither board members nor managers have the bandwidth to pursue every objective in an association has equal priorities. However, too few managers and too few boards ever discuss how to prioritize what is being addressed in the association.

This can be remedied by regularly reviewing the priorities in a ranked order at each board meeting. It’s a good thing to do at the end of a meeting. Having this discussion each month ensures that all board members and management are on the same page regarding what will get the most focus and attention in time.

A manager can set the priority list each month and get pretty accurate at forecasting what the board will prioritize. Ultimately, this discussion can be relatively short each month if the board agrees with the manager’s priority order, but the discipline of discussing this a few minutes at each meeting ensures that everyone is on the same page and gives opportunity for course correction if board members don’t all agree with each other or if the manager does not have the priorities in line with the board’s desires.

Having clarity and agreement with priorities goes a long way to ensuring the right progress is made on the right things at the right time.