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For a gifted athlete like Action Property Management’s vice president of technology, Brad Perry, the possibility of someday making it to the big leagues was always in the back of his mind. As a youth, he spent countless hours at practices and working with coaches to improve his baseball skills. After high school, he was faced with a decision — either to play at the college level or walk away from the sport he loved.

Opting for the college route, Brad extended his baseball career by a few years, but the big-league dreams never materialized. Instead, a new career opportunity landed at his feet almost by accident.

When a scheduling snafu forced him into a tech class instead of his desired art class, Brad found himself intrigued. He showed up to the class and instantly connected with the content. That one class led to more and soon a career was launched.

After absorbing all that he could about the fast-paced field of information technology, Brad went to work for Hilton Hotels. Shortly after he started there, a merger took place and Brad was given the task of “Hiltonizing” the technology for all of the incoming brands.

At the same time, Brad was also teaching a few IT classes at a local college. It was because of this position that he was first introduced to Action. In the early 2000’s, technology within the property management industry as a whole was fairly rudimentary. The leadership at Action knew they needed to up their game in order to stay competitive. One of their employees had a connection to the college where Brad was teaching, so she reached out in hopes of finding a bright student who could help. Brad agreed to meet with Action as a consultant to help identify the best candidate for the job.

About halfway through that meeting, it became clear that it was no longer a student they were after. Action’s leadership had shifted their focus to the teacher. Reluctantly, Brad agreed to join the team and help them revamp their entire outlook on information technology.

Brad Perry

Brad Perry

Vice President of Technology

With eighteen years at Action behind him, Brad has fine-tuned his leadership skills and fully understands the value of trusting his team.

As a result of Brad’s leadership over the last eighteen years, Action’s now-flourishing team of IT professionals has been able to revolutionize the property management industry. SnapHOA, the comprehensive management solution, was developed in-house and now serves as the flagship product for the company.

With eighteen years at Action behind him, Brad has fine-tuned his leadership skills and fully understands the value of trusting his team. When you intentionally hire only the top talent in the industry, trusting those around you is easy.

Brad’s diversity of interests extends beyond the boundaries of information technology, sports, and even art. Much of his free time is consumed by his three labrador retrievers. Slugger, the chocolate lab, is a longtime family pet. John, the yellow lab, joined the family two years ago when Brad and his wife partnered with Guide Dogs for the Blind to raise a puppy and prepare it for future training. John excelled at the training, but in the end, was forced out of the program due to hip issues. As a result, he was allowed to return to the Perry household as a highly trained pet. He’s still adjusting to his non-working role and has become a great asset to the family. Harper, the black lab, is the current puppy-in-training. As soon as she is ready, she will be sent off to complete her training before starting a new life as an official guide dog.

Action’s mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives. While puppies may not appear in that statement, John and Harper are welcome in the office at any time. And whether he’s raising a puppy or just sent one off to a new home, Brad plays a key role in fulfilling that mission.