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At six feet two inches and nearly 200 pounds, Ryan Preston’s athletic build and skill were enough to land him a position on the Colorado State University football team. For two years he filled the dual roles of long snapper and receiver but eventually made the tough decision to step away from the sport. While his size was impressive to the average person, when compared to a Division One football player, he had plenty of room for growth. Recognizing the potential for injury, Ryan left the university and headed back to San Diego to complete an associate’s degree in fire science.

It wasn’t long after finishing that program that his mom was tragically killed in a car accident on her way home from a vacation. Having already lost his dad as a child, Ryan suddenly found himself in possession of the family’s San Diego home. Despite the tragedy, he decided to take advantage of an opportunity and launch a new career in real estate.

For five years, he was able to renovate residential properties and turn his labor into a profit. About the time that his oldest son was born, the market was beginning a downturn and costs were increasing. Wanting to provide a steady income for his growing family, Ryan followed up on a lead with Action Property Management at The Grande South high-rise building in San Diego. As office manager, it wasn’t the most glamorous position, but it provided a unique outlet for his skills and plenty of opportunity for growth.

Again, capitalizing on an opportunity, Ryan immersed himself in the work, learning all he could about the business. His experience with construction gave him a unique perspective on newly developed communities. He also quickly absorbed information about existing HOAs as he assisted the nine full-time managers working from the humble San Diego office. Handling everything from architectural issues to violation inspections, Ryan made a name for himself and was quickly tapped to help with a reconstruction project at the City Walk mid-rise complex.

Ryan’s job at that building was to serve as interim general manager, while also overseeing construction defects that were in need of attention. Once the repairs were complete, the association reverted back to the off-site portfolio manager structure that had been in place previously.

This enabled Ryan to move to the twin mid-rise buildings of Park Boulevard East and West. His expertise in construction defects again played an integral role in shaping the community. With the ten-year window for correcting builder errors rapidly coming to a close, Action was able to take over the contract from another management company and, under Ryan’s supervision, make the necessary repairs while also cleaning up the property and improving the association’s financial picture.

Ryan Preston

General Manager

Handling everything from architectural issues to violation inspections, Ryan made a name for himself.

From there, Ryan was promoted to the twenty-one-story Alta tower in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego. While this position still made good use of his construction experience, the leadership needs were much deeper. The residents of the building were great to work with, but the board was rife with challenges. Angry words, arguments, and even fist fights were a regular part of board meetings. There were also several unresolved construction defects that were in desperate need of repair. Again, Ryan used his expertise to make all the necessary improvements.

In August 2018, another opportunity crossed Ryan’s path. This time it was the general manager position at The Grande North high-rise in San Diego. Ryan’s ambition has always been to manage a full-service premier property. The Grande North has given him the opportunity to bring that dream to fruition. With a staff ranging from security personnel to front desk attendants and maintenance workers, Ryan is able to provide high levels of service to each resident in the building.

While he gives off a very professional image when he’s in the building, Ryan is a shorts and flip-flops kind of guy after hours. Most people who know him professionally would be surprised to learn of his impressive collection of tattoos, each with a unique meaning. Perhaps the most meaningful of all are the portraits of his parents on each arm.

His athletic nature didn’t end when he left college, either. As an active part of the San Diego Little League community, Ryan has served as a coach, board member, and even board president.

Ryan’s success is a testament not only to his knowledge and talent but also to his willingness to seize opportunity whenever it comes his way. His competitive nature often pushes him out of traditional comfort zones and into new chances. By embracing each chance, Ryan continually improves the quality of life for everyone he meets.