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Behind every successful company is a team of successful people. The ability to find those people over and over again is what sets great companies apart from good companies. That’s where Brittney Wigginton comes in. As recruiting manager for Action Property Management, she oversees a team of people who intentionally seek out top talent for every job within the company.

Brittney’s path to Action was the result of a logical progression of events. Her career in the workforce started as an assistant to a regional bank manager. While on that job there was a need for new employees and she was asked to help with the recruiting effort. Brittney quickly found that she enjoyed the task, but there wasn’t a need for a full-time recruiter at the bank, so she decided to find a place better aligned with her goals. From there she joined an executive search firm where she learned to fine-tune her skills. That proved to be a good fit as she loved working with people, but the heavy sales focus still wasn’t ideal. When the position at Action crossed her path, she knew it was the perfect fit to make the most of her skills and interests.

Nine years ago when she first joined Action as one of two staff recruiters, the company was successful but smaller than it is today. As the Action team grew, so did Brittney’s responsibilities and she was soon promoted to senior recruiter.

As her responsibilities increased, Brittney found a desire to finish what she had already started. With two years of junior college under her belt, she decided it was time to finish her education. By going to school at night and on the weekends, she earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of LaVerne in only a year and a half.

The high-rise market soon became a more significant part of Action’s business, and the demand for staffing grew. More recruiters were needed in local markets across the state. Given her education and experience,  Brittney was moved into her current position as recruiting manager to oversee the newly expanded department.

Brittney Wigginton

Recruiting Manager

With a lifelong focus on teams, it’s no surprise that "We Are a Team" is the Action value that Brittney most readily embraces.

With an average of 60 to 70 open requisitions at any given time, Brittney finds enjoyment as she works to keep positions filled. Whether she’s behind a computer or out in the field at a recruiting fair, her job is fun. “I love working at Action and you will too” is the mantra she often recites as she helps local college students discover new opportunities.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, her office position was made remote, thus allowing this mother of two to work from home, along with the rest of her team. Recruiters, by the very nature of the job, are always on the lookout for the next best thing. As such, retaining high-quality recruiters can be a challenging task. By allowing her team to work from home, Brittney provides a benefit many other companies won’t offer and, as a result, she’s been able to maintain consistency within the recruiting department.

Much of Brittney’s passion for her job stems from a long-time love of dance. At one time she had aspirations of becoming a professional dancer and tried out for the Los Angeles Clippers dance team. She made it to the top 30 finalists and even had a chance to perform at a halftime show, but she didn’t make the final cut to join the team. Other tryouts for professional dance positions ended with similar results. The rejection was difficult for Brittney, but it also provided an opportunity to improve her skills and point her in a new direction. After the Clippers’ rejection, she returned to her original dance studio to take classes and improve her skills. It was during this time that she was offered an opportunity to coach a competitive youth dance team. Because of this experience, Brittney discovered a love for bringing out the best in others and building teams. When she entered the workforce, she naturally gravitated toward roles where she could support others.

With a lifelong focus on teams, it’s no surprise that We Are a Team is the Action value that Brittney most readily embraces. Recruiting is a finely-tuned art and Brittney enjoys choreographing her team as they navigate that process. Though she’s not on the front lines interacting with clients, she ensures that her position on the back end sends a constant stream of top talent to each hiring manager.  As a result of her efforts, talent moves to the front and ultimately shows the world that Action provides its customers with high-quality people, bringing about high-quality service.