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Stagnant businesses offer stagnant products that are managed by stagnant people. They continue doing the same thing the same old way because their employees aren’t trusted to think outside the box. Action Property Management views its employees from a different perspective.

Based on the firm belief that each employee is in alignment with the values that drive the company from day one, innovation and creativity are encouraged. One of the company’s core values is Believe There is a Better Way. It is this value that drives Anton Golick as he takes on the challenges of his job as a Systems Technician in Action’s Information Technology department.

His job is to solve problems, so he is always asking himself and others if a new product or a new approach could better solve a problem. His inquisitive nature and knack for asking the right questions have not gone unnoticed by his superiors. While he enjoys what he does, he likes to keep his eyes focused one step ahead as he prepares himself to someday move into the position of System Administrator.

Anton’s professional career started with the goal of earning a bachelor’s degree in physics, but those plans were derailed after only a year of college. Unforeseen circumstances made it necessary for him to step away from the university and continue his studies at a community college. With a new path in front of him, Anton shifted his focus toward computer science.

After earning an associate’s degree, Anton landed his first official job in the field of information technology as a technician in a call center for a large retail company. It wasn’t a glamorous position, but it was the first step toward joining the team at Action.

Anton Golick

Systems Technician

Always believing that there is a better way, Anton worked his way up.

The next step was more of a stumble than a step, but it worked out in the end. Back in 2017, Anton interviewed with one of Action’s recruiters. He made enough of an impression to get passed on to the IT department for another interview, but he decided to pursue another option before that interview was held.

That other position quickly failed to live up to Anton’s expectations, so he called the Action recruiter back and asked if there was still a position available. He was referred back to the IT department and was ultimately hired into a level one help desk position.

Always believing that there is a better way, Anton worked his way up. As the team grew, he left his mark by asking the right questions and making the right suggestions, catching the eye of his supervisor. He initially received small projects to complete before being given the opportunity to head up more ambitious ideas and ultimately, a promotion.

Anton lives his professional ideals in his personal life as well. After successfully navigating a long-distance relationship, Anton decided it was again time to believe in a better way. He knew his girlfriend had an interest in skydiving, so he made arrangements for her to jump out of a plane with an instructor. Normally the landing zone is off-limits to spectators, but Anton gained permission to meet her on one knee with a ring in his hand just as she touched down.

Today the happily married couple finds their spare time consumed by their new baby girl. The young family enjoys exploring all things Disney. As a matter of fact, they spent time at Disneyland nearly every weekend through the pregnancy and will happily map out the ideal route for anyone wanting to plan a day at the park.

Driven by the never-ending quest for a better way, Anton provides not only his team members, but all the residents of Action’s buildings and communities, with newer and better options every day. Because of the passion of people like Anton and an innovative company-wide approach, Action Property Management stands proud as a leader in the HOA management industry.