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When Arielle Jones started college, she had her sights set on becoming a teacher. Unfortunately, after only two years of higher education, her mom fell ill, and Arielle was needed in Atlanta. Two years later when she was finally able to return to California, earning an income became more of a priority than returning to school.

Scanning through job ads led her to a property management company in Orange County that was in need of an assistant manager. It was a highly administrative job, but she thought to herself, “I can type, so why not?”

By that point, she was glad to have a job. She was also aware that the bottom was a good place to start, but not a good place to stop. While working in that position, Arielle began taking classes to earn the certifications she needed to become a successful property manager.

When her previous employer sold the business to a larger property management company, her boss saw that big changes were coming, so she suggested that Arielle might want to consider applying at Action Property Management. Her boss was familiar with their business model and thought Arielle would be a good fit.

Fortunately, the leadership at Action’s Los Angeles office agreed and made her an offer. In January 2011, Arielle started working at Action, and she has not looked back. Three years ago, she was promoted to Senior Manager of Community Services. Now, she leads a team of two other managers and an assistant manager.

Arielle Jones

Senior Manager of Community Services

The bottom was a good place to start, but not a good place to stop.

Throughout her childhood and teen years, and even well into adulthood, Arielle considered her artistic skills to be somewhat average. Over the last few years, however, an artistic eye that has been buried just beneath the surface has started to emerge. In 2016 when her sister-in-law was pregnant and looking for centerpieces for a baby shower, Arielle stumbled across epoxy tumblers. After experimenting with the process, she was hooked. The idea was simple, but the possibilities are now endless.

Starting with a stainless steel tumbler, Arielle artistically applies several layers of colored epoxy to the outside of the cup until it reaches the desired look and consistency. Sometimes she uses other mediums such as glitter and a clear coat to achieve the desired effect.

What started as a hobby is gradually turning into a small side business that serves as an enjoyable outlet for her artistic side.

When Arielle isn’t busy at Action or designing her own signature tumblers, she enjoys being a mom to her two young kids. She also enjoys the fact that as her artistic genes have emerged, her husband has also been discovering his own artistic side — specifically as it relates to cooking. For a busy mom like Arielle, extra help in the kitchen is always appreciated.

While all of this consumes a lot of time, Arielle still finds time to be an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Lakers. Whenever she has a chance, she’ll make the quick trip to Staples Center to take in a game. Given her own athletic abilities, she’d love to play basketball herself, but a shoulder injury makes that challenging, so for now, watching her seven-year-old son’s basketball team compete every Saturday is enough.

Improving people’s lives each day is what Action does best. For Arielle, that means not only serving each of the homeowners in her communities with the best she has to offer, but also enriching the lives of everyone she meets by adding beauty, creativity, and passion to everything she does.