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High-rise buildings are often representative of big city living at its finest, but Bleu Ciel, a 33-story luxury building in the Harwood District of Dallas, raises the bar. Located within a short walk of downtown dining, arts, and entertainment, the location is nothing short of perfection.

As a skyline-defining work of art itself, Bleu Ciel represents the pinnacle of city living. With its residents-only spa and Napa-inspired wine-tasting room, luxury abounds from the ground floor all the way up to the penthouse suites with private outdoor pools.

Although the Harwood District is known as a very walkable area, Dallas’s hot summers and cold winters make walking more of a chore than a hobby. To address this, Bleu Ciel provides residents with a private Gem car to chauffeur them to local destinations. For those who value privacy and wish to stay at home, that same car, with its familiar driver, will deliver meals from one of the many fine dining establishments located within the district.

Back in 2017 when the building’s first units closed escrow, developer Harwood International decided to handle all the staffing and day-to-day operations itself. At that time, they also contracted with a third-party vendor for financial management. Unfortunately, as the building continued growing, that firm was unable to provide all the tools necessary to meet Harwood’s needs.

The value of developing and maintaining strong relationships with past colleagues was not lost on Action Property Management’s vice president, Christopher Glennon. A Dallas native himself with extensive experience in high-rise management, Glennon was excited to join Action’s San Francisco team a year and a half ago and was even more excited when he heard that Action was looking to expand to the Dallas market.

Bleu Ciel

Dallas, Texas

When that platform combines the right technology with the right information, frustration fades and progress prevails.

When an old friend from Dallas called and told him that he was working for Harwood International at Bleu Ciel, Glennon listened and, as the conversation progressed, it became clear that the frustrations his friend was experiencing in Dallas could easily be addressed by Action Property Management.

SnapHOA, Action’s brand-new management platform provides both community and urban HOAs with a suite of tools ranging from financial reporting and online payments to work orders and communications. Seeing an opportunity for the company to gain a presence in the Dallas market, Glennon suggested that this platform could be the solution that Harwood and Bleu Ciel needed.

As a result of that initial conversation, Harwood International saw all that SnapHOA could provide and made the decision to implement the platform at Bleu Ciel.

Seizing an opportunity himself, Glennon moved his family back to their hometown and opened the first-ever Action Property Management Dallas office. Along with his other duties as vice president, he is now better positioned to support Bleu Ciel as he pursues other opportunities for expansion in the area.

For Bleu Ciel, an old relationship fostered over time was all that was needed to start the process of transforming a frustrating situation into a solution-oriented platform. When that platform combines the right technology with the right information, frustration fades and progress prevails. As a result, Action Property Management is proud to be a part of this new flagship building as Action expands its reach into the heart of Dallas.