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Talk to Sam Johnson, Action Property Management’s Community Care trainer, for a few minutes, and you will quickly see why he spends his days training new employees on how to provide stellar service. With a naturally charismatic personality and a heart for people, Sam feels right at home in his position. As a matter of fact, he is so at home with it that he doesn’t even leave his house to go to work.

As with many jobs, the start of the COVID-19 pandemic created new opportunities for work-from-home positions. After quickly adapting to the new format, most of the Community Care department has maintained their remote status.

Prior to joining the Action team, Sam served in the United States Army as a combat medic. He thought the training would help pave the way to a career as a full-time nurse. Given his passion for helping people, this seemed like a great fit. Unfortunately, a series of events derailed that plan.

A challenging upbringing and his mother’s suicide when he was eighteen brought considerable disruption to his life. Years later, it still haunted him and forced him in a new direction. The unexpected tragedy was disheartening for Sam, but in retrospect, he now sees that perhaps it was the hand of Providence.

After the army, the trajectory of Sam’s life took a dramatic turn. One day, during a particularly difficult season, he walked into a local church. It was there that a group of men came alongside him and encouraged him in ways that he had never before experienced. One of those men suggested that he might want to consider a new career path. Shortly after that meeting, Sam became aware of an opening at Action and decided to apply.

Portrait of Sam Johnson

For Sam Johnson, the old saying that hindsight is 20/20 couldn’t be more true.

Given Action’s commitment to hiring only the most talented people who fully embrace its company values, Sam was well aware that a job offer was not a guarantee. Despite recent professional setbacks, he submitted an application and made his way through the process. As he met with the Action team, his engaging personality and love for people caught their attention, and the uncertain job offer as a Community Care specialist soon became a reality.

While many of his colleagues see a position at Action as a career destination, Sam has dreams beyond HOAs. With the time he saves avoiding a commute, he takes online college classes and is now within a year of earning a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies. After graduation, he plans to enroll in seminary with the ultimate goal of pursuing a career as a pastor.

For Sam Johnson, the old saying that hindsight is 20/20 couldn’t be more true. At first glance, his life may appear to be a series of chaotic moments piling up one after the other, however, a look back reveals a carefully orchestrated script that was not his own doing.

The army fostered his passion for helping people physically. His career at Action fostered his passion for helping people practically, and his future will foster his passion for helping people spiritually. To Sam, this sounds like a perfect plan.