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There’s a lot more to Action Property Management than property and managers. As a full-service property management firm, Action employees are responsible for a huge variety of tasks. Its Corporate Production Services division is the behind-the-scenes powerhouse that propels the company forward every single day.

This often overlooked treasure is headed up by Betty Escorcia, a self-described toy and comic book geek who is passionate about excellence. According to Betty, “Why give eighty or ninety percent when you can give a hundred and ten? If your job is to clean floors, make them sparkle!” Betty’s work ethic has taken her from a lonely file room to the top of the department in a short amount of time.

Her start in the file room was actually by design. With her degree in psychology almost complete, Betty was ready to join the workforce part-time but wasn’t quite sure where to begin. When an old friend told her about an opening at the local school district for the after-school program, she took the job. With a maturity worthy of a leader but a love of toys that connected with children, she was a natural fit. For two years, Betty enjoyed the position as she finished school.

Unfortunately, working with the parents was much harder than working with the kids, and she soon found herself burning out. Needing a place to unwind and recharge, Betty sought out a new job that would allow her to leave the stress behind and just work alone for a while. The solitude of a file room suited her just fine. “Are you sure you want a boring job?” Tim Ma, Action’s Director of Business Operations, asked her during the interview. Betty accepted the position and quickly embraced her new “boring” job, all the while applying her insatiable work ethic to every task.

Betty Escorcia

Corporate Production Services Supervisor

Why give eighty or ninety percent when you can give a hundred and ten? If your job is to clean floors, make them sparkle!

This didn’t go unnoticed by her superiors. The department was in need of some fine-tuning and the supervisor position had recently been vacated. With no supervisory experience, Betty was surprised when she was asked to take on the lead role.

“I felt like I was pushed into a pool,” Betty said after accepting the offer. The learning curve was huge, but her work ethic once again took over. With the right mentorship and enough time, she knew she could handle the job. Fortunately, both were available to her. Under Tim’s guidance, Betty quickly learned every aspect of the job and worked to shape the department into a valuable asset for all of Action’s associations.

Today, Action’s Corporate Production Services Department is responsible for printing and mailing everything from violation notices to event flyers. A big part of Betty’s job is ensuring the quality of the work her team produces as well as verifying that the correct associations are billed for the services the department provides. Given the team’s reliance on machinery to produce work, keeping everything up and running is also a critical part of her job.

As a collector of all things random, Betty’s interests are as varied as life itself. Working in the mail room ignited a passion for stamp collecting, but she has quite an assortment of stickers, pressed pennies, comics, manga, collectible toys, and bags as well. She even recently had the chance to meet one of the Power Rangers from her favorite childhood television show. So far, she has met almost the entire original cast of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Meeting as many of them as she can is a high priority on her bucket list, so Betty’s summer will include a road trip to a Power Ranger convention in Atlanta to meet another one.

Betty uses her unique interests to connect with each of the people on her team. As a result, the hidden mail room at Action is a place where people love to work. For Betty, having fun while working behind the scenes and improving the lives of the people around her is a recipe for the ideal job. And if you ever have a chance to visit, you can be sure the floors will sparkle.