Creating Smiles


It is one thing to volunteer your time and money to charitable causes that are near and dear to your heart, but Xochitl Diaz took it to a whole new level. Xochitl, who is a front desk associate at the Cove, co-founded her own non-profit organization called Creating Smiles Foundation.
The foundation was started by Xochitl and her two cousins after being invited to a celebration day at an orphanage in Tijuana. Creating Smiles supports orphanages and foster homes on the borders of the United States and Mexico by providing them with food, clothing, shoes, toiletries, school supplies and more. They also created a “fun day” for children of a local community, orphanage, or a foster home in which the children receive a small gift, their favorite food, dessert, candies, and piñatas.
“Our main purpose as a foundation and movement is to motivate others to do an act of kindness to those who need it the most,” said Xochitl. “Creating Smiles has changed my life completely. Now I see the real value of life. Our children, especially those from orphanages and foster homes, need the love of a family. There are children that, as soon they see us, the only thing they want is a hug. Also, I see the real necessities that many of us take for granted like water and food. Being a part of Creating Smiles has given me the opportunity to be part of these children’s lives and receive the most sincere and pure love. Seeing a smile in our children’s faces is simply priceless.”