March 23, 2020 – Bay Area Board Members – Practices at Some Buildings in Response to COVID-19

Dear Board Member –

Action Property Management remains committed to serving you and supporting you and your building community during these volatile days.  I would like to bring you some updates and information that might be helpful and reassuring for you.

One of the risks right now for all of our buildings is the shortage of critical janitorial supplies.  It is imperative that your janitorial service continue to be able to disinfect your building.  As such, we are closely tracking the inventory of supplies in each building and we have partnered with the janitorial companies to procure needed supplies where possible and to find alternative approaches and resources to augment the “usual” supplies.  This best positions us to be able to ensure that these vital services can continue.

We continue to be committed to partner with you in guiding your building operations through these volatile times.  In that spirit, we want keep highlighting some of the practices and protocols that some buildings have implemented.  I am hopeful that this information will be helpful to you as you think through how to navigate today’s waters in your building:

Guest Restrictions: Some Boards have raised the question regarding whether or not any guests should be restricted in buildings at this time.  As of March 20, 2020, most of the associations we manage in California have not restricted guest access in buildings.  Here are some notes on this subject where restrictions have been implemented:

  • In virtually all buildings, deliveries from UPS, FedEx etc. have been restricted from going directly to units.  Rather, such deliveries are being made to the front desk.  See below under package delivery and meal/grocery delivery for more on this subject.
  • Some buildings have restricted re-models or have asked all non-essential in-unit work to be postponed.
  • Some buildings (but very few) have restricted move-ins and move-outs.
  • Some buildings have made requests that large item deliveries be postponed.
  • One building has restricted realtors and encouraged virtual tours for now.
  • It does not appear that any buildings have placed restrictions on nannies, dog-walkers, caregivers, etc.

We advise that Boards seek legal counsel from their own HOA attorney before imposing any restrictions.

Amenity Closures:  Many of our communities are considering the closure of various amenities.  The following is a summary of the percentage of Action clients in each major region who have closed various amenities as of March 20, 2020:





Fitness Center/Gym

Inland Empire




Los Angeles




Orange County




San Diego




Bay Area




Note that these numbers are changing daily as more associations are closing more amenities.

We will continue to bring you other ideas and suggestions as we see how various buildings and board members respond to the situation at hand.

Stay well,

Matthew Holbrook

Chief Executive Officer

PS:  Check out all of our communication on COVID-19 at this link: